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Supplements & Body Care

Supplements & Body Care

A carefully curated selection of vitamins and supplements, when you need more than what whole foods alone can provide…

At For The Health Of It, we hold nutrition (and the role it plays in the overall health of the body) to be very important. While our concept focuses much on the role of whole foods and the proper nutrients from a sound diet, the fact remains that in today’s fast paced life nutritional supplements serve a valuable role.

Our nutritional supplement department features many of the industry’s leading suppliers. If you are looking for Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Herbs, Homeopathic Remedies, EFA’s or a complex formula we have you covered. We feature many of the leading name brands in the industry on our shelves. Having products on the shelves is one thing; having knowledgeable staff members who will take the time to educate the customer on those products is another. We take great pride in having staff members who understand the role that nutrition plays in the body and how a particular supplement may assist. Our staff members are here to help, not push. It is our role to provide as much sound information as possible for you to make an educated choice in assisting your body’s requirements.
Our Brands
Some of the brands that you will find include: CV Sciences CBD Oil, Barlean’s, E3 Live, Kal, Liv-On Labs, Four Sigmatic, Host Defense, Solgar, Enzymatic Therapy, Solaray, Natures Plus, Nordic Naturals, Gaia Herbs, Jarrow Formulas, Vital Proteins, Renew Life, Pure Essence Labs, Nature’s Life, Source Naturals, Natural Vitality, Bluebonnet, Boiron, Amazing Grass, Nature’s Way, Nutribiotic, Natural Factors, Herb Pharm, Hyland’s, and Flora just to give you an idea of the quality we stock.

With the leading name brands, an educated staff, and you, an educated customer, our department can certainly meet your supplement needs.